Kennislab smartCITY

In September 2017 Kennislab voor Urbanisme is going to start an international smartCITY-lab in Amersfoort (Netherlands). Therefore we are looking for 4 – 6 motivated students from the Netherlands, Germany and out of the rest of the world, who are willing to take an internship or graduate at this lab. From now, you have the possibility to register.

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Kennislab smartCITY in short
1.    At Kennislab SmartCITY we are doing research about how the city is changing due to the communication revolution.
2.    This research is used to set up a network in which we want to unite technerds and city-nerds. You are working actively on setting up this network.
3.    With your team, you will be working on the development of a smartCITY-product, with which we will assist you through our Fiware-community.

Summerschool Netwerk Ontwerp Veilige Omgeving Ruhrgebiet (350)1 – Why smartCITY?
The discussion about smart city is currently primarily about ‘smart’ and far less about ‘city’. If we really want the city to become smart, we will have to look past the smart methods to see how and why the city is currently changing. What we need is a viewpoint on the city, which can be used as a fundamental idea to really become smart. Urbanists, city creators, but also smart city technerds need to come together to create their smart urban policy, for the current as well as for the city of the future.

2 – Why a network?
There is a gap between urbanists on one hand and technerds on the other hand. Technerds have relatively few knowledge about urban problems. Simultaneously, urbanists see smartcity as something they are not supposed to be involved with. They don’t realise that the layer of data above the city is creating many possibilities, opportunities, but perhaps also a lot of threats. These worlds should get into conversation with each other and work together to really create a vision. It is important that urbanists can present their issues to technerds. It is also important that technerds can share their knowledge with urbanists. In that way, they can create new solutions and set up their vision together. Kennislab voor Urbanisme finds it their job to build that network.

duitsland3 – Why a product?
Kennislab voor Urbanisme loves to think and to take action. It is our plan to create out of an innovative idea a product that the market has a demand for. During your internship you are working on that, with other graduate students. One of the associations we are working with is FIWARE Lab NL.

For whom?
We are looking for four to six great students, who are currently studying a university-level programme or an university of applied science education programme from the Netherlands, Germany and out of the rest of the world who are willing to work in this lab. If you think that you are studying a relevant programme and can explain in our application form why you want to work in this lab, we are happy to send you an invitation for an interview. We are looking for independent, enterprising, smart people. Pragmatic dreamers and enthusiastic people who want to take action, have our preference.

2016-summerschool-zelfredzaamheid-enschede-243Kennislab voor Urbanisme is the place for everyone who…
…wants to think and work boundlessly.
…wants out-of-the-box, but is also searching for a concrete answer.
…understands that a good business plan is just as important as a fantastic idea.
…wants a question to be answered in a different way, or by themselves.
…in short, is innovative, boundless and wants to put something into practice.

What do we offer?
We offer you an enormously independent internship, at which your own initiative will be required. But if you want someone to tell you what to do or if you are looking for an internship, at which you can walk along with someone, this is not the place for you.We are looking for people who can deal with a lot of freedom.
We will introduce you to our gigantic community of specialists in the area of environmental planning, area development and real estate. Also you will be working with the community of FIWARE Lab NL.
You are allowed to participate in congresses, events, summerschools and design workshops, which we and our founding partner Elba-Rec will be organising.
2016-summerschool-zelfredzaamheid-enschede-247We offer you the opportunity to earn money at Kennislab or at our initiator Elba-Rec. For example by translating documents or by assisting at events, and so on. If the plan that you will be developing is good enough, we can introduce you to financiers and/or help you with setting up your business.

Practical matters
The main language in our lab is English.
The lab is located in Amersfoort (the Netherlands).
The start of the lab is September 2017.

How to participate
You can register by filling in this application form.
Candidates which we think are interesting, will be invited for an interview in December or January. If you have questions, you can contact us via +31338700100 or